Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Week 52: Highlights

I love the idea of taking this final week of the year to ask each of you to select your journaleer highlights. I'm going to leave this open to interpretation, but some ideas:
1) Highlights in your journaling life: a favorite journal entry, homework assignment, moment with a new journaleering friend, etc.
2) Highlights in your journal. I love the idea (Kat's?) of selecting the best memories from each month, or the other idea (cathepsut's?) of going back and selecting the first sentence of each month's first entry to get a feel for the year.
3) Why you joined the Journaleers and what you are looking forward to in 2006.

I joined journaleers, not sure whether this commitment would turn into just another “faff” or task which would stop me getting on with other stuff like study! But over the last few months (and more generally since May when I started my livejournal) I have found that writing has been a great therapy for me. It’s helped me to sort out my own thoughts, and has connected me to a community of journaleers and bookcrossers and helped me to make some very real virtual connections. I have found it harder than I like to admit being here in Zurich. Without a job and strugging to finish my thesis, I have felt very low and isolated at times. Bookcrossing and LJ has really filled in the gaps for me, as well as pushing me in the direction of meeting new people and making very good friends :-) I have to say that katcolorado has become such a close friend here, and without her I know that life would have been much harder and more difficult this year, so thanks honey !!

There were two journalling homeworks which really helped me sort stuff out in my own head. I think the value of the homeworks lie in their ability to get you to really think about stuff, and consider how to write about meaningful things in your life. Actually, I think three homeworks really touched me….

Week 48: the one with the parrot
This homework helped me to say goodbye to my Grandma who died in 2001, after suffering from senile dementia for many years. She shared our family house, but had to go into a home towards the end of her life, as my Mum couldn’t care for her anymore. The real Grandma I knew and loved “died” a long time before she finally died, and this homework allowed me to remember the last bit of her life without guilt.

Week 46: Parallel Lives
This homework helped me to focus on the positive decisions I’d made in my life and to re-evaluate where I am now. It made me realise how much I have already achieved and how much I love the man I’m with :-)

Week 37: Beyond the Grave
This was my first homework, and the scariest! But I think it’s fundamentally a good idea to challenge your own mortality…

redheadraye, thanks for your leadership and good ideas, looking forward to more writing in 2006…
Tags: journaleers, katcolorado, writing, zürich

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