Helen Palmer (nice_cup_of_tea) wrote,
Helen Palmer

Uk Holiday Part 7, Harry Potter!

Today was the grand finale to our UK summer holiday! Markus and I have been reading the HP novels together since 2017 and we just finished book 7 about a month ago. Read more about our HP adventures here.

It seemed fitting then that we do Alnwick castle and then of course the studio tour! Excitement was high this morning, and we got the audio devices and the guide book and just everything!

First impressions! The level of detail and authenticity was just amazing! The walls outside were plastered with "advertising" and public notices set in the HP world. Even waiting in the queue to have tickets checked and to actually begin was an experience - lots to see on the walls and in cabinets already!

After about 20 minutes of queuing we got into the cinema and saw a short film about the day to come! Then they asked any kids with a birthday today to come up front and Markus got help open the doors into the main hall! Mind blown :-)

There was so much to see, it was overwhelming. It was so well presented, but there was more to take in, than we had time! Some of our favourite spots below... we loved the train station and platform 9 and threequarters!

The bridge was fun and I particularly loved Diagon Alley

The tour climaxes with all the drawings and small scale models of Hogwarts, which I found fascinating.

But then Markus and were truly blown away by the large models of Hogwards and grounds!

Patrick and Alan were ready to leave, Markus adn I could have stayed there another 3 days!!
But finally it was time to go, with the stories in our heart, and an owl in our rucksack :-)
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