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Resolutions Update - April 2018

And somehow, a third of the year has whooshed by....

1. No alcohol -
have been alcohol free for 4 months now - have now started to focus on weight loss, but no shift yet. Feeling more able to cope with the stuff that comes my way, but am feeling generally a bit flat. 
2. Run every day - had a session with Helen, a lovely running coach from Basel, and am now on week 3 of C25K and have entered the 5k Frauenlauf in Berne on 10th June
3. Blog daily  - haven't quite got into a daily routine, stlll have a long list of blogs to catch up on :-)
4. Read 100 books -  20 read so far, bit behind my 100 goal for the year, but still time to catch up...

and, added bonus - CALM meditation is still going strong - according to the app - 117 sessions, 20 hours 15 mins in total

Grateful for... (31-40)

31. being on the uetliberg
32. smell of cut grass
33. Markus reaching out and holding my hand
34. megahugs from Patrick
35. Discovering "Flow" magazine - a slow, creative read - https://www.flowmagazine.com/
36. Finding time to learn in the evening again
37. Starting to run again with C25K
38. Meeting my weekly targets in my "done" app
39. Cooking something new and the family eating it and enjoying it! (chicken tagine no less)
40. Catching up with my sis on the phone


My 2012 past self was quite wise...

The other day in work, I stumbled across this email that I wrote to myself in 2012, just before returning to work after having Patrick. Wise words indeed. I think I need to keep them in mind....

Dear Me,
You will be fine today, and this first week. Smile at people. Act the way you want to feel.
This job is not necessarily for ever. Learn the new skills that you can - financial management, working with peers, persuasion and negotiation skills
Take time for a healthy lunch and a walk outside
Use the park opposite to run and jump and get some exercise
Enjoy riding your bike to work
Enjoy meeting all your friends again
Breathe, Smile, it's not for ever
I always have a choice :-)
And at the end of the day, I get to go home to my lovely 3 boys...
All things will be well and all manner of things will be well

Warning - My walking, rampaging toddler is grabbing my legs & the newborn babe is wriggling in my arms! Therefore, please excuse the short and sweet email, and any typing errors.
Go to www.helenpalmer.co.uk for my blog, photos and links


Grateful for... (21-30)

21 Clean bedding, comfy bed
22 Getting my new wireless headset to work with the TV
23 that moment when both boys finally fall asleep
24 watching the boys playing together and hearing giggling
25 Lunch with my boy M
26 Playing football with my boy M and getting better!
27 first signs of spring - snowdrops
28 Feel good film with friend - singing and dancing and hugh jackman :-) The greatest showman
29 Enjoying my friend's just published EP "dopamine"
30 My garmin telling me I've got 15'000 steps

catching up blogs: TEDxZurich & London visit LT Awards Nov


Catching up!

3 blogs done today:

Samichlaus & the Steam Train & the Sihlwald forest

Tram 8 Festival - over the Hardbrücke!

Silvesterlauf x 2

Tomorrow I will be moving backwards to November - with tales of TEDxZurich and LT Awards in London


Being, Doing, Slowing Down...

I had lunch with a work friend today. She's in the midst of qualifying as a coach and we started talking about being, not doing. We're both people who pride themselves on getting the job done. This got me to thinking about the various changes I am making in 2018 and how they interact.

Not drinking wine at night makes me sleep better and gives me time in the evening to get other stuff done .I've also been listening to a guided meditation before sleep, which also helps the sleep patterns. I've blogged every day for the past 10 days, and each blog I catch up on, makes me feel better. Today's was about Christmas Day. Writing blogs give me time and space to think my thoughts and get them down, I've been re-reading past posts. Hard to believe i've blogged regularly for nearly 13 years :-) I found an old blog and rewrote it here: Saving the best for now

I'm also doing an online course called Hurry Less, Achieve More, Live Better by Carl Honore. One of the exercises has been to identify when you're rushing, doing something too fast. I inwardly rolled my eyes at this when I first read it - but in the past week, I've caught myself questioning my need for speed:
1. Being on time for physio appt, but assuming I was late as usual - grabbing a cup for water too quickly, and then spilling the cups on the floor
2. Spilling coffee from my cup as i walk (too fast) back to my desk
3. Realizing that reading the Harry Potter book no 4 to eldest son took us about 4 months - but that reading out loud helped me slow down and appreciate the narrative

And I've arranged to do some running coaching, to help me get back to running again. The coach has set me a challenge of doing 6 runs / walks before I meet her at the end of March. I think tomorrow I'll run down to the lake - to my favourite "being" spot. I'm don't spent enough time just being, but I'm working on it :-)

And as a PS; Malcom Gladwell wrote this great article on why we get better quality when we work slow. And I absolutely love this quote: "Let's create a safe space for the neurotic tortoise"
I am that tortoise
Last week I read this blog from one of my favourite bloggers on using up the good stuff. Then I realized I had read the same article as her, way back when, and it had struck such a chord with me, that I had scanned it and saved it. So I sent the scan to my blogger friend - see below. And then I remembered that also, way back when, I had written my own blog about using up the good stuff, called "The Parable of the Bath Bombs" - which I've also sent to my blogger friend. Hive mind, much?

And now I'm closing the circle - writing this blog, linking to the scan, and am linking to a slightly different online version of the print article by the same author, Sali Hughes.

I'd like to say that since writing my blog post in 2007, I've grown up and learnt how to use up my good stuff. But I'm not sure this is the case. I still have room for improvement, although I am better at using up my bath bombs now!

Waiting for Summer...

The boys are now bored of winter and are desperate for summer. So the topic of this morning's walk to school was about water guns, which ones they're going to buy, how they are going to be deployed and then designing their own imaginary water guns. Patrick wants a water gun bazooka :-)

I picked up this evening and let them have 10 minutes to expend their energy in the playground outside Hort. Fooled by the fact that there is now light in the evenings, and still wishing for summer, a water fight by the fountain ensued :-)

catching up: christmas eve post

Happy Women's Day!

This SRF clip is very good! "Gleich schlecht!" & the men's version #timesup

I am sure I have posted this before, but this is my favourite cartoon to match the day!

I'd like to claim this hasn't happened to me, but...

And this cartoon just plain makes me laugh - it is me! Apart from the fag in the mouth :-)

Grateful for...(16-20)

16. My photos now being up to date - loads of lovely memories on flickr
17. My friend at work creating a bob the unicorn installation on the whiteboard
18. Heated eyemasks from spacemask.com (very condusive to a good night's sleep!)
19. A call with my running coach to be
20. My boys playing together on the slide outside school - the conversation contained these phrases :-)
Hold my feet!
Save yourself!
Don't pull! My trousers are falling down!
I'm going to save you!

PS and having finally written the Kindergarten post and getting some closure