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The list to rule all lists and to help me fill in the gaps! Just 2019 and 2020 to update now....

Walk with Kerry
My Birthday
My writing present to myself
May and reasons to be grateful
Alan's Big Birthday

Uetliberg walk March
My Birthday
Alan's Birthday
update GCP
Staycation July 2020
Uetliberg Walk August
Walks with Caroline and ole inc F&B, Wildnispark etc
1st August celebration
Becoming Swiss
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Engelberg August
Patrick Birthday
Patrick Birthday Party
Markus Birthday
Markus Birthday Party
Arosa Oct
Uetliberg Walk Nov
M&P Update for 2020

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Patrick Birthday: Patrick Birthday 2019: https://nice-cup-of-tea.livejournal.com/988962.html
Patrick Birthday Party: https://nice-cup-of-tea.livejournal.com/988770.html
Markus Birthday
Markus Birthday Party
Summer holiday in uk
Greifenseelauf with Sal
Wroclaw Week
eLN conference
London and Brussels visit
M&P Update for 2019

My week in blogs.....

It's been a short work week, but felt like for ever. Never been so happy to reach Friday evening :-)
This weekend admidst burst of soup making, baking, washing, I caught up with the following blogs....

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Podcasts and thoughs on caring and dying: https://nice-cup-of-tea.livejournal.com/985462.html

Podcasts and thoughts on caring and dying

I think it's amazing how life nudges you to the sources that you need at a particular time in your life. I've been thinking about my Mum and dealing with the immense guilt that I feel, about being here in Switzerland, not able to help her. I feel so sad that because of COVID and restrictions she was alone in hospital and in a temporary care home, without anyone or anything she recognized. Whilst she recognized Dad when they were reunited a few weeks back, it seems now as though she is retreating into herself and we're not sure who if anyone, she still recognizes. My brother Christ, saw her last week and she didn't appear to recognize him. It really is heartbreaking and I just don't know how to deal with my grief and my feelings about, other than writing here. I feel we've let her down. She spent so much of her life caring for us, caring for her Mum and her Mum-in-law, teaching kids, being part of Guides her whole life. And then and know when she most needed us, we weren't able to help.

Anyway, this week, i've listened to three podcasts (and on the back of that bought 3 books on the topic of caring, death, grieving. I guess it is understandable that in the midst of this, I am also going through my own mid-life musings. What have I achieved? What will Alan and I do when we retire? have we saved enough money? Why don't we have property? And then I look at my blogs and my photos and feel so grateful for the life that i have had up to now....
I'm tagging these blogs about my mum and about my feelings, "grief".

I listened to Greg Wise on this Channel 4 podcast, talking about his sister who died of cancer aged 51 and how we was able to care for her until she died. They wrote a book together called "Not that kind of love".

Then I listened to Dr Kathryna Mannix on this podcast. She's a palliative doctor and has written and broadcast about death and end of life care. In the podcast she emphasized: "Sometimes being practical is better than sacrifice when it comes to caring". She also argues that we should understand the processes and stages of death better and start talking to each other about how we want to die. I've also bought her book "With The End In Mind" book and she has a website.
Here's the transcript of the podcast.

And finally I listened to the author Kate Mosse talk about her writing and her life as a carer. She wants carers to be better recognized and she talks lovingly about the act of caring. I've pre-ordered her book, "An extra pair of hands" on caring, engaging, everyday acts of love.

Blogs written this long weekend!


Easter Miracle or "Finding the Crunchie recipe", part 2!

Previously, on the finding Pauline Palmer tag.... At Christmas my sister Kate found the crunchie recipe. She's been trying it several times, but we weren't convinced this was the hallowed crunchie recipe.... And I've been turning this over in my mind ever since.

Fast forward to this weekend my marathon easter-fuelled bake-off and I was looking through my red recipes folder. In the front pocket there are a few old recipes books and oddes&sods that I can't or won't through away. One of these was a small recipe booked created by MacDougalls flour, that my mum gave me. It must have been her copy as a young woman, because it cost 1 shilling back in the day and is held together by yellowing sellotape!

Anyway, I was pretty sure that it wouldn't have the recipe in, but I flicked through it anyway. Suet pudding anyone?

And then I turned to the front inside cover, to find my mum's handwriting and the crunchie recipe

and here was the predecessor...

I'm not sure why, but finding this recipe, in her handwriting, just unleashed a whole shit load of grief and ugly crying. I think it's guilt and regret that I never asked her all the questions I could have done. Guilt that there is so little I can do for her now. Grief because the real Pauline Palmer has left the building, her soul and mind and love have gone, just her body remains. I think baking and recipes just bring it back. Kate and I had been puzzling over the recipe and realizing that we'd long since missed our chance to ask her....

Easter Weekend

It's been a perfect long weekend, with a mixture of tasks and treats.

We cleared and cleaned the flat and I went into a baking frenzy!

Mr.ncot has been studying for some IT exams. The boys went to friends and had friends round. I had time to read and catch up with some blogs and DIDN'T switch on my work laptop :-)

Amazingly the boys still wanted to do the easter egg hunt, so we ran round the garden in bunny ears, courtesy of Lindt.
There's been a few walks, we admired the roses in the Zürich fountains and there was a fair amount of time slobbing on the sofa.

And of course eating, drinking and chocolate....


Spring has Sprung this weekend .....

.... and I turned into a crazed swiss housewife this long weekend!

- Friday we took out the carpet, beat it, cleaned it
- P and I vacuumed and washed the floors of the living room, then did hte whole flat
- I sorted out my books on my bedside table
- Then I sorted out my clothes
- Saturday I did a big clean of the bathroom, then the kitchen
- then demoulded everywhere
- and on Sunday apart from a lovely meal, I made courgette and cheddar soda bread, bread pudding and lots of chocolate egg nests

Today (Easter Monday) I stayed in bed and blogged and read!

zurich at night

No Roses without Thorns

This Easter weekend in Zürich there has been an initiative between the reformed churches (sponsored by a florist!) to decorate 7 of the many fountains with roses.
As quoted in this article: "The church also draws a parallel between link between “Corona” and the crown of thorns which Jesus bore. It points out that without thorns, there are no roses, just as without Good Friday there is no Easter!"

I walked into the old town by myself on Easter Saturday. It was beautiful weather and the roses and fountains were glorious. My heart lifted at the beauty and I feel so priviledged to live in such an amazing place.

Here were the locations:
*Münsterhof close to the Fraumünster church
*Top of Rennweg near the En Soie Shop
*Augustinergasse next to the Augustinerkirche
*Zwingliplatz / Helferei