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My 3 Rs....

My three priorities for this weekend are:

I have already learnt a few valuable lessons this weekend:
* I get to decide this what I want to do and how to do it
* It doesn't matter what anyone else thinks of my decisions, no one else is really that bothered, it's just me stuck in my head worrying about what others think of me

When I arrived here last night, I realised that I had missed the first yoga session, but that the schedule was packed and that the whole group was expected to eat together, supper at 1815 (and I only arrived 1745). Like the "good girl" I am, I went down to the restaurant at appointed time and no one else was there.

Then lots of things occurred to me at once. I don't want to eat now. I want to have a swim and eat later. I want a weekend alone. I don't want to have to eat in a group and meet others and be sociable and speak swiss german. I am an introvert and this weekend I need to recharge my energy and I do this by BEING ALONE.

I had a mini panic, but then told myself to get a grip. Told the reception I would eat later, on my own. Realised that I had saved up for this weekend, that I could do exactly what I wanted.

In the end, I had a lovely evening, booked a massage, swam, had a sauna, sat outside in the whirlpool as snow gently fell. I ate on my own, but in the same corner of the restaurant with the rest of the group. I felt a bit uncomfortable that they all thought I was being a bit odd. But then thought - "Damn it, they don't care, I'm not that important, no one else cares what I'm doing". I read my book, had an early night, slept like a log, woke up feeling grand.

Result. And just for myself to recap:
REFLECT (lots to think about)


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Apr. 6th, 2013 03:00 pm (UTC)
Your weekend already sounds great!
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